The Hidden Vote

This public television documentary and digital series follows ethnic minority Republicans in the Donald Trump era, during the run up to the 2018 US midterm elections.  

I developed the project with Ben Rekhi, successfully raised development and production funding from the Independent Television Service, directed, co-produced, and filmed the series, and wrote scripts, oversaw the edit and delivery.

Episode 1

Dearborn, Michigan, with the largest Arab Muslim population in America, has a hotly contested city council race in full swing. One candidate, Rifaat Mike Hacham, is a Muslim American conservative who was inspired to get into politics by the president’s unlikely win. Another, Nada al-Hanooti, is a progressive Democrat who was so appalled by the state of things that she, too, decided to run. Will either make it past the primaries?


Production Company: The Hidden Vote LLC

Role: Series Producer/Director, Director of Photography, Drone Operator.

Episode 2

In New Mexico, a debate divides Navajos: the environment or jobs? Coal may be a shrinking industry but it employs many native workers. Follow along as Republican State Rep. and Navajo Nation member Sharon Clahchischilliage heads to Santa Fe to face off with energy companies and environmentalists during a tense public hearing on the impending closure of a coal plant in her district.

Episode 3

In Orange County, California's Little Saigon (home to the largest population of Vietnamese Americans in the US), Phat Bui, a life-long Republican whose family fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975, faces a difficult decision.

Will he support a fellow Republican, whom he doesn't trust, or, for the first time ever, support a Democrat he thinks is a better candidate?

Episode 4

Meet Vincent, who grew up a Democrat in North Carolina, but is now a conservative, pro-gun activist who thinks gays should take up arms after the Pulse shooting. Meet Mitchell, who grew up conservative but is now a progressive voter who doesn't think the solution is more guns. They also happen to be dating.

Episode 5

In the small town of Collins, Mississippi, Shalonda Thompson, an undecided young African American voter, is torn between voting in line with her Democrat family, and the increasing influence of the staunchly Republican white family she works for. Shalonda respects both sides, but when it comes to election day, how will she ultimately vote?