Outside In America

These contributor-led documentary shorts are part of Outside In America, a Guardian initiative consisting of news stories, investigations, multimedia and interactive graphics about homelessness in the United States. The project is funded by the Gates Foundation.

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Superhero impersonators Tyler Watts and Christopher Dennis struggle with homelessness as they ply their trade along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, earning money by posing for pictures with tourists. Character work can be tough work, but many say it’s the only thing keeping them going.

I produced, directed, filmed and edited this short, working with reporter Alastair Gee.


Production Company: The Guardian

Role: Series Producer/Director, Director of Photography, Drone Operator, Edit Producer, Editor.

I traveled to Las Vegas to produce, direct, film and edit this short about people living in the flood tunnels underneath Las Vegas, many of whom struggle with substance abuse and addiction. An estimated 300 people live in these tunnels, and Paul Vautrinot was one of them. After a drug conviction, Vautrinot went through a rehab program, and he now visits the tunnels regularly to try to help residents find a way out.

Long America’s vacation paradise, Hawaii is in a state of emergency as it battles a homelessness crisis. Could Pu’uhonua safe zones help alleviate the problem?

I edit produced and edited this short with documentary director Ciara Lacy in Hawaii.